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North Chicago Township Spotlight: Cook County and Property Taxes

All properties in Cook County are reassessed on a triennial schedule. Every three years, the new valuations – along with appeals, exemptions, local tax levies, and assessments of nearby properties – determine the amount of future property tax bills.

The Assessor’s Office, the Board of Review, the Cook County Clerk, and the Cook County Treasurer all play a role in the property tax system.

Cook County Townships

For the purposes of reassessment scheduling, the thirty townships within Cook County are divided into three groups:

  • North and Northwest suburbs
  • South and Southwest suburbs
  • City of Chicago

Townships provide a set of core services to their respective residents that are financed by property tax revenue. These services usually include road maintenance, issuance of building permits, processing of tax exemption applications, and social programs.

City of Chicago

The townships of Hyde Park, Jefferson, Lake, Lakeview, North Chicago, Rogers Park, West Chicago, and South Chicago all fall into the City of Chicago grouping.

These townships were reassessed in 2015 and 2018. They will be reassessed again in 2021.

North Chicago Township

This township is made up of many different neighborhoods. North Chicago Township includes

  • Old Town
  • Gold Coast
  • Cabrini-Green
  • Magnificent Mile
  • River North

Old Town is a historic hub for American Improv where many celebrated comedians began their climb to fame. Second City gave Bill Murray, Steve Carell, Key & Peele, Mike Meyers, Jane Lynch, and many others their start. Today, you can watch new talent perform at legendary comedy clubs, explore local aquarium specialty stores, and enjoy local flavors at the annual Old Town Art Fair.

As the name suggests, Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood is a place of luxury. Elegant mansions, beautiful new condos, and historic buildings ensure that there is plenty of marvelous architecture. The Charnley-Perksy house was designed by Louis Sullivan and his student Frank Lloyd Wright. The International Museum of Surgical Science guarantees a unique experience and views of the lake from the mansion where its exhibits are housed.

Exploring the River North neighborhood will take you to galleries, Hubbard Street’s plethora of entertainment venues, and the Iconic Marina Towers. Merchandise Mart contributes to the magnificence of Chicago’s nighttime scenery with its iconic light shows. The renovated Mart also has a picnic seating area, amphitheater, and a fancy modern lounge.

Many of Chicago’s tourists make the Magnificent Mile (or “Mag Mile”) a must-see during their visit. For North Chicago Township residents, it’s another reason they can be proud to call this neighborhood their home.

Property taxes unappealing? We can help!

Appealing your property taxes is one way to ensure that the amount you pay is fair whether you live in the north/northwest suburbs, south/southwest suburbs, or in the City of Chicago.

At present, Illinois is second only to New Jersey with the highest effective property tax rates in the United States. A 2020 study found that some Chicago area homeowners pay twice the national average in property taxes for a similarly valued home. Moreover, property tax hikes are slated for 2021.

Appeal.Tax can prepare your property tax appeal and handle it from start to finish. We understand local appeal procedures to help homeowners avoid being overburdened with property taxes.

Appeal.Tax has no fee unless a reduction is obtained. And we only charge a small portion of the overall tax savings secured. 

Since 2015, we’ve saved Illinois property owners over $100 million in reduced property taxes.

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