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Your Property Taxes Just Went Up! Now What?

Twice a year, homeowners in the Chicagoland area receive their property tax bill; an unwelcome reminder from the county letting them know the escalating cost of owning property in the state of Illinois.


In fact, the Tax Foundation recently identified Illinois as having the second highest tax rate in the nation. Given the escalating cost of running local governments, property taxes have nowhere to go but up.


Appealing your property tax assessment is the smart thing to do. (powered by the law firm of Kovitz Shifrin Nesbit) can help. We are:


EXPERIENCED: Our staff has 20+ years of experience fighting assessments on behalf of clients. We will use that expertise to improve your property tax situation.


CREDENTIALED: Your appeal will be handled by a licensed and insured attorney, not a tax consultant. You need an attorney to fight at all appeal levels to ensure maximum tax relief. can represent you throughout the entire appeal process. Tax consultants can only file to the Assessor’s Office which can leave you scrambling for help in the middle of the appeal and potentially limit your ability to obtain adequate tax relief.


KNOWLEDGEABLE: The Assessor, Board of Review, Property Tax Appeal Board, and Circuit Court continually modify their rules for the tax appeal process (both substantive and procedural). Staying on top of these constant rule changes and adapting to them is a full time job. We study these rules on a daily basis to ensure our appeals are professionally prepared.


SUCCESSFUL: We have saved clients tens of millions of dollars in property taxes as a result of successful appeals filed on their behalf. Be one of our many success stories.


COST EFFECTIVE: We only charge if your assessment is reduced. We do not charge a processing fee. The appeal will cost you nothing unless you realize a tax savings.


THOROUGH: We file to all necessary appeal levels to ensure your assessment is set as low as reasonably possible. These levels can include the Assessor, Board of Review, Property Tax Appeal Board, and even Circuit Court. We explore a variety of legal theories to secure our clients maximum relief (assessment uniformity, fair market value, property characteristic errors, lack of occupancy, damage to property, etc.).


TIMELY: Filing deadlines occur on a weekly basis in property tax assessment appeals, sometimes without notice to taxpayers. Monitoring them requires constant vigilance. We review deadlines every day to ensure our clients appeals are prepared and filed on a timely basis.


For many, property taxes represent the largest expense in owning residential property. In recent years, tax bills have been increasing at a seemingly exponential rate. However, unlike other costs involved with owning property (mortgage payments or utility bills), tax assessments can and should be appealed. Let do this work for you!

We work on a contingency fee basis. You pay no legal fees unless an assessment reduction is achieved. Additionally, we can offer competitive fee rates so you save even more money by choosing instead of our competitors.

The bottom line is that offers skillful tax appeal representation at a reasonable cost.